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Top 10 Urdu Novels Book List of All Time

top 10 urdu novels

Top 10 Urdu Novels List that you must read

Checkout the list of top 10 Urdu novels. We have a best top rated list of novel books. If you want to know about the list of Umera Ahmed top ten novels then you must see this article. We have hundreds of collection of 10 best novels of all time. You can search about the Urdu novel and also a list of English novels. These are list of Urdu 10 best books of all time including romance novel best urdu novels

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Peer e Kamil

Peer e Kamil is one of the best novel of Umera Ahmed. The meaning of the Pir e Kamil is “The Perfect Mentor.

Peer-e-kamil is indeed a perfect novel. It has the spiritual content of Two souls. The two souls have completely opposite lifestyles, often adapt to each other, and then unite after encountering various situations in life. Ecstasy, pain, suffering, finding the right path, forgiveness, nothingness, contentment. lt makes people to think about what life is. Its not just about getting success, but succeed on the right path in the right way.

La Hasil

This novel is written by Umera Ahmed. Umera Ahmed is one of the best novelist and writer of the Pakistani dramas. This is a story that regrets others, who committed suicide. This is a story that fills itself with filth, and then embarks on self-correction and self-righteousness. This is a story, probably when someone finds light through the grace of Almighty, there is nothing else.

Romance Novel best Urdu novels

Amar Bail

Amar Bail is written by Umera Ahmed. It is a love story established by Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar in the context of Pakistan’s bureaucratic culture. It’s a story about imbalanced relationships, broken families, longings for power, complexes, insecurity and all love, the intensity and sacrifice of love.

Darbar e Dil

Darbar-e-Dil portrays as a love story. It is also written by Umera Ahmed. At first it seemed to be a social romance novel, but the ending changed people’s mind, and found to be a completely different novel with an amazing ending. In this Mehar(character) very religious, who just believed on Allah and prayers and always thought that love was just a stupid thing, But she fell in love with Murad who belongs to a very upper class family and liberal in his thoughts.


One of Pakistani best novel of farhat ishtiaq based on true love story. It’s very emotional and heart touching novel. A story of two cousins. First they married suddenly and then breakup on some misunderstanding They meet again after 4 years. The Love towards his (main character) daughter was shocked his mother.

Iman, Umeed aur Muhabbat

Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat shows a real picture of negative thoughts and premature behavior when we think that everything is not going according to our wishes and requirements. The novel is fascinating and teaches a lot about true love, faith and hope.

Jannat Kay Pattay

Jannat k Pattay is one of the best novels. It’s so perfect. I find it more inspiring, motivating and amazing. I call it a complete novel full of entertainment, orgasm, love, hatred, betrayal, curiosity, Islam, twist, adventure, uniqueness in the story line and everything the reader wants to read. The subject is well described in the novel. It provides huge support to hijab girls. If girls want inspiration, they do get inspiration from this novel.

Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan

Meri Zat Zarra-e-Benishan is a very beautiful novel by Umaira Ahmad, which has been adapted into a beautiful drama of the same name, and has proven to be the most successful drama of 2010. In this Hatred has destroyed the lives of many people rather than entire families.

Raja Gidh

Raja Gidh is an interesting novel covers all aspects of human nature. It is full of philosophy and human psychology. It mainly reveals the cause of human obsession. It tells people that when a person becomes selfish, crazy and insane and starts to ignore everyone’s body, eating his own food. The reason for the entire psychological condition is to eat Haramm food, which is unfair food obtained from an unfair source of income. Because of this nature of human beings, the author gives similarities to a bird called Gidh that has the same properties.

Shehr e Zaat

Shehr-e-Zaat’s book revolves around the story of a girl, Falak Afgan, who is the only daughter of her parents and belongs to a rich and powerful family. Moreover, she is really beautiful but proud. She met Salam Anser at a friend’s wedding. He is a handsome man but belongs to a middle-class family. His good looks made Farak fall in love with him.
The heart of the story is about spiritual awakening. A sharp contrast is drawn between the Sufi concepts of ishq-e-haqeeqi, the love of a human for God, and ishq-e-majazi, the love of a human for another human.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi gulzar hy” it has the story of a school teacher in which her husband left, with three daughters and married another woman in order to have a boy. Her hard work towards her daughters proves the daughter can be performed as son.This story focuses on gender bias and differences in wealth among different classes.