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TCL LED Price in Pakistan | Smart TV 32″ 40″ Variant

TCL LED Price in Pakistan

TCL LED Price in Pakistan

PictureNameResolutionSizePriceBuy Product
1TCL STANDARD LED 49″ D30001080p49"₨ 55,990Buy Product
1TCL STANDARD LED 32″ D3000720p32"₨ 22,990Buy Product

TCL LED is a standard LED Tv with basic features. You can consider this as a low end LED Tv. TCL LED Price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.22,990 to Rs.55,990. They come in two different resolutions and different screen sizes.

TCL SMART TV Price in Pakistan

PictureNameResolutionSizePriceBut Product
1TCL SMART TV ANDROID S6500 49″1080p49"₨ 65,990But Product
2TCL SMART TV ANDROID S6500 43″1080p43"₨ 52,990But Product
2TCL SMART TV ANDROID S6500 40″1080p40"₨ 44,990But Product
4TCL SMART TV ANDROID S6500 32″720p32"₨ 32,990But Product
4TCL CURVED UHD TV P5 55″4K55"₨ 97,900But Product
6TCL UHD SMART TV P6 55″4K55"₨ 94,900But Product
7TCL UHD SMART TV P65 55″4K55"₨ 83,900But Product
8TCL UHD SMART TV P6 43″4K43"₨ 62,900But Product

TCL Smart LED TVs are the most demanded LEDs from this brand. They have some advanced features than a simpled LED such as Wifi, Youtube and Netflix. TCL Smart TV LED Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.32990 and goes up to 97900. They come in different sizes and resolutions but the 4K series in a good deal.

TCL Android TV Price in Pakistan

PictureNameResolutionSizePriceBuy Product
1TCL UHD TV ANDROID C6 65″4K65"₨ 185,900Buy Product
2TCL UHD TV ANDROID P8S 65″4K65"₨ 159,900Buy Product
1TCL UHD TV ANDROID C6 55″4K55"₨ 127,900Buy Product
2TCL UHD TV ANDROID P8S 55″4K55"₨ 109,900Buy Product
1TCL UHD TV ANDROID C6 49″4K49"₨ 104,900Buy Product
2TCL UHD TV ANDROID P8S 50″4K50"₨ 94,900Buy Product

Are you looking for TCL LED, TCL Smart TV or TCL LED Android TV in Pakistan to buy for your home or office? You might feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying a TV because there are hundreds of different brands and models having different features with benefits and most importantly varying prices from 5 figure rupees to 6 figure rupees.

But before talking about the best available options in the market and their prices, you should know what’s the difference between TCL LED, TCL Smart TV and TCL LED Android TV. Because after knowing the key differences and what you’ll get, you can make an educated decision based on your needs, interest and budget.

There are three main types of TVs. and we’ve listed them below with their price. Let’s discuss each one by one.


LED TV use “light-emitting diode” to display the screen and picture quality is much better than LCD TV. These are simple TVs that receive broadcast signals and display them on the screen. As compared to advanced TVs, they are simple to operate and don’t require a lot of customizations. It couldn’t be simpler to watch TV than this. 

Talking about TCL LED TV price in Pakistan, they range from almost Rs.23,000 to Rs. 56,000


  • They’re cheaper as compared to other advanced TVs
  • They don’t require additional subscriptions of paid apps.
  • Easy to use and friendly


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Limited functionality and no apps


LED Smart TVs are internet-enabled TVs having built-in apps along with the ability to connect to the internet using wifi. They have their own operating system and depending on the brand, most of the units have entertaining apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. So, you can stream directly on your TV screen.

When it comes to how it will cost you, TCL Smart Tv Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.32,000  and goes up to almost 1 lac. 


  • Offers more entertainment options than just a simple LED TV
  • Everything in one package
  • Internet-enabled
  • It can be controlled using only one remote control.


  • Limited apps as compared to Android Smart TV
  • Overall, it costs more due to the paid apps.

TCL LED Android TV

These are Android OS based TVs. They are enhanced versions of Smart TVs and offer more features and functionality than Smart TVs. like more browsing options using different browsers. And you can download apps from Google play store and custom apps using .apk file. Plus, you can use Google voice app to control TVs and much more. In short, its higher than your android phone and little below than your computer.

They are the most expensive versions of TVs. and the minimal price is around Rs.1 lac and can go up to Rs. 2 lacs. 


  • Latest versions of TVs enabling you to watch videos to writing emails.
  • Gives a huge library of apps (paid and free)
  • More customization


  • Expensive as compared to Smart TVs

Now, it’s totally up to you what should you buy. If you like to stay updated and want More apps from the Google Play Store and prices isn’t a big deal for you, you can buy TCL LED Android TV. On the other hand, if you’re not that much technology lover, and just want to sit down and swipe channels, then you can buy a TCL LED Smart TV.

TCL Pakistan

TCL Pakistan has been working since 2013 in Pakistan and it’s headquartered is in China. TCL stands for Telephone Communication Limited, is a partially Chinese owned electronics company and is known internationally. It’s on 3rd position in the TV manufacturing industry and you can have an idea about the build quality of its TV product line. Other products that TCL designs, manufactures and sells are cellphones in the communication category, AC and laundry machines in the home appliances and much more. 


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