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Sajal Aly weds with Ahad Raza Mir Wedding Pics



Sajal Aly Latest Picture on Instagram:

Here are the unseen and adorable the most favorite couple Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir wedding pictures. They done their wedding in Abu Bhabi, Dubai. But they are not reveal their most wedding pictures but some pictures is in our gallery. Checkout the cute couple of the year.

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Mercedes Benz Price in Pakistan




Mercedes Benz Pricelist Pakistan

Picture Name Engine Price Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS C180 2019 1595 cc ₨ 6,800,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS C180 AMG 2019 1595 cc ₨ 8,300,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS C180 AVANTGARDE 2019 1595 cc ₨ 7,500,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS C180 EXCLUSIVE 2019 1595 cc ₨ 7,500,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS E200 2019 1991 cc ₨ 12,400,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS E200 AVANTGARDE 2019 1991 cc ₨ 13,600,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS E200 EXCLUSIVE 2019 1991 cc ₨ 13,600,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS E250 2019 1991 cc ₨ 12,200,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS S400L HYBRID 2019 3498 cc ₨ 24,500,000 Buy Product
MERCEDES BENZ GLS400 2019 2996 cc ₨ 28,000,000 Buy Product

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Best Funny Things Happened on Tinder Pakistan




Tinder Pakistan is full of hilarious stuff. We have listed some of the Best Funny Things Happened on Tinder Pakistan in 2019-2020.

Male Celebrities Funny Conversation on Tinder Pakistan

These are some Pakistani male celebrities profiles and conversations created by someone.

They are apparently fake looking at the screen shots pattern. They all have three bars of signals. But, they are hilarious.

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12 Top Rated Pakistani Youtuber You Should Follow Right Now




Let’s face it, over the past few years, we’ve been so addicted to youtube and spend hours watching videos that grab our attention.

And when it comes to youtube, I doubt someone might haven’t heard of Youtubers and Vloggers. Just like other countries, Pakistan also has joined the youtube community of influencers and content creators.

Interested to know who are the top-rated Youtbers of Pakistan?

Here is a list of Top Pakistani Youtubers and Vloggers who have been creating unique and entertaining content over the recent years to make us laugh, entertained and have fun. In this list, we’ve only focused on individual content creators, not news organizations and TV channels.

Some local starts like Irfan Junejo have acquired ever-growing fame and made their YouTube career as living just because of their talent, passion and creativity.

If you want some entertainment and want to enjoy after your dull working hours (no offense) you should follow these YouTubers. Every Youtuber on our list has something unique about himself. We ranked our list based on the number of subscribers at the time of writing this article.


Let’s know a little bit about each of them and see what they’ve for us!

1. Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao

If you have seen prank videos on youtube, I’m sure you’ve heard of Nadir Ali – the prankster and comedian. He is the holder of the most famous Pakistani youtube prank channel “P 4 Pakao” having 2.8 million subscribers which will undoubtedly keep on increasing in upcoming years. It’s been 3 plus years since he started his youtube channel.

Nadir Ali is a resident of Karachi, the city of lights. Before youtube, he got his early success from Facebook where some of his funny videos went viral. He is a prankster and comedian having a huge fan following not only in Pakistan but in India too. He generates funny videos teasing random people but of course in an enjoyable way. People love his comedy style and videos.


2. Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi is basically Scottish by birth, but he is a famous Asian comedian and his youtube channel says a lot about his popularity. His funny character “Nasreen” is hilarious, unique and loved by his viewers. His videos are made in a desi style and throw light on culture variations.

Other than Nasreen, two other scripted characters are Mr. Pardesi and Khalid that you’ll see in his videos. His videos generate millions of views having a total of 3.7 million subscribers.

He is also a singer and music director and has recently launched some songs “Enta Habibi”, “Aagya Time”, “Bill Dena”, and “Rang” which are seen by millions of people.

3. Shahveer Jafry

Next on our list is Shahveer Jafri. Though he lives in Canada, he is a pure Pakistani Youtuber because his major audience is from Pakistan and he is a famous star among Pakistani people and they love him insanely.

His family used to live in Pakistan before but then they moved to Canada and settled there.

His unique style of vlogging and hilarious pranks make him stand out from other YouTubers. His funny videos, especially on “Brown people vs English people”  and how they react in different situations, are hilarious and entertaining.

His energy level is remarkable and the way he makes his videos is matchless.

He has also worked with other Youtubers, Zaid Ali and Sham Idress in the early days of his youtube career.

Moreover, his dedicated and fun-loving team “Wolf-Crew” throws spark in his videos. His channel has acquired around 1.93 million subscribers and it’s increasing every single day.

4. Sham Idrees

Sham Idrees is also a Canadian Pakistani Youtuber just like Shahveer Jafri. His real name is Ehtesham Idress and he was born in Karachi. He is a singer and music director too. Some of his songs are “Tuu Bewafa”, “Woh Pal”, “Sapne”, “Pyaar Hoa” and many more.

He started his youtube career back in 2016 as a content creator and has come a long way. His scripted characters and funny videos on married couples are popular among his viewers. He is on number four on our list having 1.85 million subscribers from around the globe.

5. Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer Abbas is a young and energetic local Youtube star. He was born on April 1, 1999, in Lahore. He is famous for his public pranks and funny videos. He has around 90 plus videos on his Youtube channel and is followed by 1.43 M people which clearly reflects his success. Other video collections include dance and social experiment videos.

6. Saad ur Rehman – Ducky Bhai

Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai is certainly one of the best roasters of Pakistan. His youtube channel name is “Ducky Bhai” which is totally a random name as he stated in one of his discussions with Raza Samo.

He is from Lahore and loves to play video games like fortnight, etc and started his youtube career through gaming initially.

But, then later he shifted his videos from gaming to roasting because his gaming videos were not earning that fame and popularity.

Instead, his funny videos went viral on facebook initially and his friends asked him to continue with that which lead him to the Ducky Bhai channel.


He was doing his bachelor’s degree in Computer science which he then left and became a full-time YouTuber.

One of his roasting videos on Sham Idrees went crazily viral on youtube and made him a star in one night.

7. Raza Samo aka Awesamo Speaks

Raza Samo aka Awesamo Speaks introduced the new dimension of stand-up comedy in the sub-continent. His roasting videos are a complete package of fun, entertainment and hard punch lines. He is one of the best entertainers and roasters popular among youth.

Raza Samo, the creator of “Khujlee Family” was born in Larkana, Sindh. He had his early education from his home town, but for higher education, he joined the Institute of Space Technology but left his studies for the sake of his youtube career and now lives in Lahore with his family.

Raza had the worst days of his life and at some time, he was so depressed, but he decided to change his life for betterment and his hard work is paying him off now. He is a great inspiration for youth and newbies.

8. Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo, the man who loves cameras and drones. If you want to see breathtaking travel vlogs, you should follow him right now. His style of storytelling, filming and semantics is unique, splendid and high quality.

Moreover, he also makes vlogs in which he talks about his daily routine and hobbies, he is a football lover, too.

The reason behind his quality and unique content is his passion for camera and drones. He is the darling of millions and the creator of the slang phrase “Scenes kuch esy hain”.

He is an inspiration to many young people who want to become vloggers/YouTubers. He is a true example of passion, hard work and dedication.

He has become a brand and some big companies started collaborating with him, which itself is an indication of something big coming and bright future.

9. Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Taimoor Salauddin aka Mooroo is a Youtuber that needs no introduction. He proved himself by his talent, dedication and abilities. He is such a versatile icon and has areas of interest in music, direction, acting, singing, youtube and vlogging maybe because he has been a film student.

His youtube channel is a complete package of entertainment and inspiration.

His travel videos, funny skits, and long session videos are more than enough to be entertained.

People love him for his amazing and thrilling quality content. Every single video on his channel is top-notch and win the hearts of millions.

He might not have the highest number of subscribers, but he has a deep connection with his fans and has a great number of admirers.

10. Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram is more than an entertainer, he speaks on socials issues, moral issues, cultural issues and much more. He is famous for his long rant videos discussing daily life issues and criticism for the betterment. He talks about politics to the entertainment industry and things in between. Now, he has become a brand and added a few new things into his youtube channel like podcats.

“Khali wali” and “Karachi wala” are his slang phrases and his videos on happenings around Pakistan address things that we all think in our heads but don’t speak out.

11. Danish Ali

Danish Ali needs no introduction. He is a stand-up comedian and started his youtube career after getting fame on mainstream media and Facebook. His comedy videos and short skits are popular among local fans.

He wanted to become a surgeon but then he realized that making people laugh is the thing that he is good at and loves to do.

He is the co-writer and co-host of “The Real News” an English comedy TV show which was featured on Al-Jazeera later.

He is from Karachi and has around 333k subscribers.

12. Umar Khan – Ukhano

Umar Khan lovingly known as “Ukhano” is a content creator, vlogger, photographer and theater artist. He preferred to studied Media Studies from the national renowned institute, National College of Arts (NCA) which lead him to pursue his passion and be creative.

He started his youtube for sharing his personal vlogs but with the time, he started to focus on travel vlogs too. He is also very active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

His videos are famous in people who love to see the naturally beautiful place in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan as well.

He has 306 thousand subscribers on his channel right now and hoping to gain more in the coming days if he keeps up the good work.

Winners announcements at Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 has been conducted on 07 February 2020.


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