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Psychological and Social Effects of COVID-19 in Pakistan

Pakistan now facing the brunt of another covid variant has been one of the few countries that have efficiently dealt with the pandemic. Despite being short on resources the Government and the public with a joint effort have saved the country from going into worse situations like India is in right now and Italy once was. Although Pakistan has been successful in controlling Covid related death, it does not mean that has successfully dealt with all the complications that the pandemic brought.
Analyzing the death toll and the number of active cases is usually the only criteria to assess some country’s situation. Whilst these too are not small, there are a number of other factors and areas that this virus has destroyed. Not only this deadly virus has given birth to mounds of dead bodies but is also responsible for the death, or at least the dysfunctioning of the people’s mind. This microscopic virus has ruined social lives, the national economy, household incomes, and infrastructure.
Today Pakistan stands with 25k+ Covid related deaths and 92k + total cases. This is the only measurable data, there is no sound statistical data regarding the psychological and social impact of COVID-19. However, some small studies have collected enough data to assume a trend of psychological issues caused due to Covid19 in Pakistan.

Psychological And Social Effects of Covid-19

The little virus can affect your mind in various ways like increased stress, depression, anxiety, and fear.

The Increased Fear

One thing that no one can deny is the pandemic has instilled a fear in you, fear of contracting the virus, fear of dying of it, and the fear of seeing your loved ones suffering from it. According to a study conducted in Pakistan, women were under immense psychological pressure to cope up with the pandemic. Women, in general, were more afraid and were more likely to take precautionary measures to save themselves and their families from the curse of the coronavirus.
This fear s multiplied in people that have already witnessed a Covid related death in their surroundings. This fear has rendered people unable to do the daily tasks.

The Depression

Living in the confinements of your home for almost a year is bound to cause some sort of psychological implication. This time, depression being the most prevalent mental implication, has affected most of the world. According to a study, almost 45% of university students reported moderate to severe depression during the pandemic. People that witnessed a close person getting diseased had significantly higher levels of depression.
Cutting off from even the closest people has drastically increased the prevalence of depression amongst the general public. Not only the Covid 19 patients but the people nursing them or living around them have also developed severe depression in the recent past.
This depression can be combated by seeking professional help, connecting with nature, adding feel-good things in your life, exercising, maintaining a good diet, connecting with your people as much as you can, meditating, and spending quality time with people you are living with.

The Anxiety

Any calamity is bound to cause an increase in the anxiety of the affected. Research shows that 35 % of university-going students reported anxiety during the pandemic. As the world has now started to normalize again, this change again is suspected to increase the anxiety in general public.
So, if you feel scared or your heart starts racing suddenly, you are not alone. With the whole world shut down, people getting ill, and some even dying around you, it’s completely fine to suffer from anxiety. But you don’t have to stay in this condition. There are several ways that can help you in coming out of this mental state. A few of them are.
• Avoid sticking to the news
• Connect with your own people
• Focus on things that you can control
• Plan your day
• Filter out the noise
• Seek professional help

The Financial Set Back

The pandemic has halted the world’s activities as if these years aren’t even considered in the progress of the world. People have lost their jobs and businesses. Some people are out of their life savings and whole economies have exhausted their resources. This major financial setback has taken a toll on people’s physical and mental health. This setback came with unbearable stress.
this pandemic has not only caused a momentary loss, but the financial setback has affected multiple years of the future. Living in the confines of your home that too with the fear that you can run out of food and other essentials is bound to multiply your stress.

The Solution

No one knows, how long the pandemic will stay. Although the vaccination process has started, there is still a large chunk of the Pakistani population that has no access to the vaccine. The best, easiest, and only possible solution in a situation like this is to help yourself. You can help yourself in keeping your mind sane by simply consulting the best psychologist through