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Everything You Need to Know About Nazia Hassan

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Early Age:

Nazia Hassan was born on April 3, 1965, in Karachi and considered as a luminous star in the city of lights. She was a good combination of both the city of dreams (London) and the city of lights (Karachi), where she was brought up.

Her father, Basir Hassan, was a businessman, and mother Muniza Basir was an active social worker.

Nazia Hassan had secured degrees in Economics and Law from very well known and prestigious institutes, including Richmond, The American International University, and the University of London.


Nazia Hassan had started her career as a child artist at the age of 10 years from the flag channel of Pakistan (PTV). After small projects at the age of 15, she met film director Feroz Khan in Uk, and on his recommendation, she met Biddu (Indian singer).

This meeting opened the doors of success for this young talent. Nazia Hassan and Biddu collaboratively sang the song “Ap jaisa koi” for Qurbani movie that became a big hit for her career and the first golden step towards her success.

Although she was a Pakistani singer, that song gave her overnight fame in India, and she won the Filmfare Award for the best female playback singer, and her immense career started.

Albums and Awards:

Disco Deewane:

In 1981 she released her first Album “Disco Deewane” that gave her glorious stardom and broke records not only in Pakistan and India but also in West Indies, Russia and America too.

Boom Boom:

After Disco Deewane, she released her 2nd Album “Boom Boom” in 1982. In this Album, Nazia Hassan had worked collaboratively with her brother Zohaib Hassan and got a nomination for the best female playback singer in Filmfare Award and made this duo popular in India and Pakistan.

Young Tarang:

Nazia Hassan released her third album “Young Tarang” in 1984, and this was the first ever video featured music album in Pakistan. David Rose and Kathy Rose worked on the composition of this album, and it hit new records in Asia.


In 1987 she released her fourth album “Hotline” and achieved new success milestones and opened new glorious doors for her. Every hit album became a magnifier for her career and worked as a golden step towards the glorious future.

Camera Camera:

“Camera Camera” was the 5th and last album of Nazia Hassan released in 1992. Unfortunately, this album couldn’t mark new achievements in her success and earned average business. After that, she retired from the music industry.

Most famous Nazia Hassan songs:
Following is a list of Nazia Hassan’s hit songs:
• Aap jaisa koi
• Disco dewane
• Dreamer dewane
• Sheela
• Young Tarang
• BoomBoom
• Then he kissed me
• Our Love last forever
• Ilzam

Personal Life:


Nazia Hassan got married on March 30, 1995, with a famous Pakistani Businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig. The wedding ceremony was entirely held in the eastern style.

She wore a traditional outfit in red and golden color, and they both were looking stunning on their big day. Although Mr. Ishtiaq married her even after knowing she has cancer, their married life was not as much good.

In an interview, her brother Zohaib Hassan said that Nazia Hassan did unfair with him and family by not disclosing what is happening in her married life. The family couldn’t get any idea about the situation until she got divorced ten days just before her death.

Nazia Hassan Son:

Nazia hassan son pics Nazia hassan son

Nazia Hassan’s son’s name is Arez Hassan. He is the only child of his parents. She loved her son very much but couldn’t spend enough time with him due to illness and early death.

Arez Hasan was of 3 years when her mother died. He is now 22 years old and graduated from Kings College London. May he get more success and achievements in her life.

Philanthropy and Patriotism:

Nazia Hassan was an angel by nature. Her immense love for her country and humanity can’t be ignored. Zohaib Hasan told Express Tribune that he always said to her you’re very sensitive and humanitarian and shouldn’t choose this field, you are a pure soul.

As far as Patriotism concerned, she had got a big offer from India to work on a song that was supposed to be against Pakistan, but she denied the offer by saying I can’t sign any project that is supposed to be against my country.

And when it comes to humankind, she did lots of philanthropic activities both in India and Pakistan without any discrimination. She did work for children and women in unprivileged areas.

Nazia Hassan was the Active member of:
• Voice of Women
• National Youth Organization Pakistan
• United Nations Security Council

Nazia Hassan Death:

nazia hassan death

Nazia Hassan was diagnosed with lung cancer before her marriage and fought a tough battle with this disease in her last days of life. She was admitted to North London Hospital.

In an interview, her brother Zohaib Hassan with unstoppable tears, told that when she was hospitalized, she asked her doctor not to reveal her disease and current condition on her family, and they were not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

After a long and painful battle, Pakistan’s iconic pop singer Nazia Hassan died at the age of 35 on August 13, 2000. She left us in tears and pain. May the departed soul get a higher rank in Jannah.

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