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Latest Trouser Design For Ladies in Pakistan 2020

Ladies Trouser Design

Get a latest collection of trouser design that you wear in 2020. New beautiful and latest design for ladies trouser.

Here is a different design that you can try. Latest collection is trouser with button, trouser with pearl and many more. Different girls have a different choice so we have a latest trending design.

  • Ladies Palazzo
  • Ladies Short Pants
  • Ladies Dhotis Style Trouser

Sometime before, girls focus on just shirts but now they design the bottom best. The girls want to look best from top to bottom. Here are the some design that you may try in 2020. We collect the different type of bottom style for you in 2020. You can also change these design by telling your tailor. You can also check the different colors, fabrics, and styles for different top.

Latest Trouser design

This trouser style is very popular in 2020. It looks like a jali bottom and trouser style or you can say a pent style.

In first picture you can see the style. It’s very simple but as you can see this is the perfect bottom for home. You can wear in colleges or universities too. The second picture also almost same but a different design. In 3rd top of the picture is like a pent shape design with slim fit style. Bottom picture is like a palazzo. The shape of this design is like pent from above and below it becomes open.

These design is a frilled trouser style pants. Frilled pants also have their own shape and enough girls like it. The work of the lace on frilled trouser that adds more charm and attractiveness. These designs mostly wear with peplum tops and frocks.

This design is a bow tie pants. It is mostly use with the short frocks. These style have a different variety. Most of the girls wear this on ankle length but some girls also demand a short capri trouser.

These style is for events or party wear. Most of the girls wear this design on any wedding or eid or any university or college events.

Trouser is best bottom wear that you can wear in your home or any party or events.


This is choridar pajama that you can wear with long shirts or frocks. India and Pakistani girls is mostly wear these style. The girls can wear these on wedding, mehndi functions or musical nights. If you want to wear this style then i will recommend use the chuni duppata and khussa with this. This is the perfect combination for this pajama trouser.


You can’t even ignore the shalwar style in bottom wear. This is the symbol of our traditions and national bottom wear. Most of the girls from South Asia still wear these design. Shalwar has many styles like dhoti salwar, pataila shalwar, tulip shalwar, sindhi, punjabi, balochi and pathani shalwar.


gharara 2 gharara

Gharara style is one the best style of 90’s but still it is very popular in this era. The designers or brands define the gharara in variety of design. It can be wear with top, frocks, and shirts.

This is the best collection of trouser design in our gallery and we explore some style. Download your favorite bottom and you can change the variations by telling your tailor.

We update our gallery on trending fashion soon.

You can also check the capri design too from below