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How is 3rd wave of COVID 19 challenging the healthcare system of Pakistan

Despite government and health care workers’ extreme stress to follow the SOPs, the public pretended as if the corona did not exist and violated the SOPs, which gave rise to the 3rd wave of the corona, which is more severe than the previous two because the new variant transfers faster than the previous ones.  Some people in Pakistan also following the SOPs very strictly and they do not go outside unnecessarily and they prefer to order their everyday need like medicine and grocery items through online medical store and grocery store. Despite that the number of corona cases increased with each passing day and created a burden on the already fragile health care system.

Enormous pressure on health care system

The sudden rise in corona cases has put huge pressure on the health care system. Reckless behaviour on the part of the masses has made the situation even worse. With each passing day, the hospital bed capacity is decreasing. There is not much room to accommodate large masses if the situation does not get any better any time soon.

Shortage of Oxygen

Pakistan’s oxygen capacity is under a lot of stress. Pakistan is going to face an oxygen shortage if nothing is arranged on time. Almost 90% of the country’s oxygen supply has been utilized. But there is no decline in the number of cases, despite the restrictions and lockdown. People act unbothered and do not take the situation seriously.

Insufficient Availability of Medical Facilities

As a third-world country, we lack many health-related facilities, such as we do not have enough ventilators, oxygen supply, occupancy, shortage of PPE suits, testing kits, less availability of vaccines, and much more.

During this Pandemic phase even, the developed countries had faced enormous consequences, so one can imagine what a country like us has to go through during these tough times. China has been a huge supporter of Pakistan during these tough times. She has provided us with many health facilities, without which the situation would have been worse and unimaginable.

Cost of care and Dysfunctional Equipment

During the third wave, Pakistan observed the record highest cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Emergency rooms overflowed with the number of serious patients in need of oxygen and ventilators. The situation got out of control due to mismanagement and no specialized training of paramedical staff and doctors regarding the pandemic. Even the basic equipment became dysfunctional, and the cost of care rose.

False rumours and Allegations on the Health Workers

Few of the masses do not believe in the severity of Covid. They believe it is a political agenda. Doctors had to face a lot of criticism. Few people blamed the doctors for declaring fake deaths or injecting poisonous injections to increase the number of cases. Despite all these allegations, health workers did not lose hope and stay true to their profession.

Hospitals turned to a pandemonium

People grieved their loved ones by beating doctors and smashing the machinery and equipment of hospitals because they believed that they lost their loved ones because of the doctor’s fault. Doctors had to face severe criticism despite being the most active profession during these challenging days.

Loss of lives

Although many people lost their lives to Covid, many senior doctors and health workers lost their lives while fighting this novel disease. Despite following all the precautions, they caught the virus while saving other people’s lives. Health workers worldwide deserve a standing ovation for their devotion and tireless work to save the lives of other people.

Current Situation

The current situation in the country is unsatisfactory because people are violating the SOPs. They still do not believe in the severity of disease despite observing a huge loss of lives. The transmission ratio of the British variant is 70% more. Due to which the third wave is more dangerous than the past two. However, the immunization or vaccination process has started in the country since February. Many of the people got inoculated, but still, there is a huge mass left to be inoculated.