Cooking Range Price in Pakistan

Your culinary space is one of the primary and essential corners of your home. Just like your living and sitting area, a well designed kitchen is also a must that makes your life a lot easier while cooking food for your family or guests when you need to serve a lot of people at once.


However, not every kitchen appliance suits your cooking requirements, and kitchen needs neither each goes with your kitchen’s theme and aesthetics. But, no kitchen is complete without a cooking range. I mean, how would you make food without cooking hardware?

So, buying a new cooking range is the only solution when you don’t already have one or the one you have isn’t working correctly and needs replacement.

Cooking has been changed; new technology is introduced every other day, and companies keep on embedding the latest features you might not have heard before, especially if you’re making a purchase for the first time or after years. So, you must know your household’s cooking needs and the specific features that you may want (if any). You should also consider how much space you can dedicate to your cooking range. Most importantly, how much money you’re willing to spend on your cooking range?

To help you answer all these overwhelming questions, we researched different cooking ranges models along with their features, specification, and price to make a comparison for you. Considering all these points will help you make a decision that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

Any cooking rang that you decide to buy should

  • Serve your general and specific cooking purpose.
  • Be a balance between quality and price
  • Match with your kitchen design and enhance aesthetics.
  • Be easy to use for you
  • Be of a renowned brand offering a good warranty for the coming years.

What to Consider

There has been a lot of innovation in the cooking range appliance over the past few years. That led to producing different types of cooking ranges, however, broadly speaking, there are two main categories, gas and electric powered cooking range. Which one should you choose?

It primarily depends on which source of energy you prefer to use. The gas range would require to have a connection of natural gas or propane service at your home, while the electric range will consume electricity. If you plan to switch to the electric range from your gas range or vice versa, you’ll need an electrician or plumber to fit the range for you.


However, there are also cooking ranges that are a combination of both gas and electricity where the burners work on gas, and the ovens are electric. For this, you will need both gas and electricity lines.


There are two types of cooking ranges in style, free-standing, and slide-in. The free standings are sold widely, easiest to install as they stand alone. Whereas, the slide-in ranges give a built-in look and can be placed between side cabinets.


As of size, most gas and electric cooking range usually measure 30 inches in width. However, the pro-style cooking ranges start at 30 and go up to 48 inches with custom configuration such as extra burners, ovens, grills, griddles, or woks.


You can pick as small as two burners and as large as five burners for your home use. And for the oven, consider the actual space available for baking. Picking a cooking range with a roomy oven will help you make food for more people. However, if you live alone or have a small family and don’t expect guests often, a small oven would work for you saving you some money and space.

One Oven or two?

It is good to ask this question yourself. Many ranges come with single and double ovens. Double ovens are handy if you are short on time and have to bake and roast two different dishes that require different heat settings and timing.

Glass Top Cooking Range

Cooking ranges with glass top enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. They are an excellent way to stylize the look of your cooking area. They come with all the advance technologies with faster heat response. They equip touch control, heat sensors, adjustable burners, automatic pan size, and instant heat and cooling settings. All these features give you more control over your cooking range to make delicious food that impresses your guests. They use either electromagnetic induction or radiant heat technology to heat and cook the food.

Metal Top Cooking Range

Contrary to the glass top, metal top cooking range come in a limited variety with varying coil size and its type. 


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