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Best Ahsan Khan Dramas List You Must Watch

ahsan khan dramas list

Who doesn’t know about Ahsan khan? He is a well-known film and drama actor in Pakistan. He is also known as a British Born Pakistani actor because he was born on October 9, 1981, in Britain (United Kingdom). He is now thirty-eight years old.

 Ahsan Khan started his career as a film actor when he was only 17 and worked in a few Pakistani films like Nikah, Ghar Kab Ao Gy, Ishq Khuda and much more. Then he moved to the dramas industry and produced many dramas on different channels.

 In the following, there is some Ahsan Khan dramas list:-

Ahsan Khan Dramas List

          Drama Name                        Year of Released            


  • Udaari                                                2016
  • Parsa                                                  2010-2011
  • Alif                                                      2019
  • Dastaan                                             2010
  • Saiqa                                                  2009





Producer:    Momina Duraid

Writer:   Farhat Ishtiaq

Developer:   Sultana Siddiqui

Director:   Mohammed Ehteshamuddin


  • Laila Zuberi 
  • Akbar Islam 
  • Urooj Khan 
  • Adnan Saeed 
  • Behroze Sabzwari
  • Samiya Mumtaz
  • Maryam Fatima
  • Hina Altaf
  • Farhan Saeed
  • Malika Zafar
  • Adnan Saeed
  • Ins-e-Yazdan
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Aqeel Abbas
  • Urwa Hocane
  • Arjumand Hussain
  • Bushra Ansari
  • Haris Waheed
  • Nasrullah Khan
  • Alina Chaudhary

And more


We can say about this drama Udaari that it is the best serial of Ahsan Khan dramas list. The serial “Udaari” was the 2nd TV production of the Kashf Foundation. This drama too got leading success. The purpose of the drama focuses on the two different themes. The main theme of this serial is about child sex abuse while the other themes are different problems of Pakistani society like the backwardness of citizens, legal hindrances and problems of poor people, societal ban over music and also the life difference of urban and rural areas.

We can say about this television series that this drama having two different angles, the one that is charming and the other one is grim. Udaari drama was transmitted on the HUM TV channel and was teamed up by the productions Kashf’s and MD.

Udaari drama was also announced the best drama of the year 2016. That’s why this has resulted in winning multiple awards in that year for its instructive story and also for acting.



Producer:  Momina Duraid

Director:  Siraj-ul-Haque


  • Ayesha Khan
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Shama Askari
  • Adnan Siddiqui
  • Khalid Anum
  • Nida Khan
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Shehroz Sabzwari
  • Nimra Bucha
  • Zahalay Sarhadi
  • Raju Jamil
  • Sana Askari
  • Khayyam Sarhadi

And more


Parsa was a Pakistan’s drama serial and this name was derived from the novel “Parsa” which was written by Bushra Rehman. The drama explains the right of inter-religion marriages, and also the topic related to cultural and social issues.

This serial also can be named one of the best serials in the Ahsan Khan dramas list. In this serial, there is a love story of a Muslim girl Parsa and a Christian boy David. David was the neighbor of Parsa and was her family friend too.

This drama was transmitted on the channel HUM TV and “Sohail Haider” composed the theme music of this drama. The song “Zindagi Tere Naam” performed by Rajab Ali was the opening theme of this serial. The drama originated in Pakistan and the original language of it was Urdu.




Writer:   Umera Ahmad

Director:   Haseeb Hassan

Producer(s):   Sana Shahnawaz & Samina Humayun Saeed


  • Nida Mumtaz
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Umer Darr
  • Kubra Khan
  • Sajal Ali
  • Fahad Ahmad
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi 
  • Shakeel Hussain Khan 
  • Saife Hassan
  • Saleem Mairaj
  • Hadi Bin Arshad 
  • George Fulton 
  • Usman Khalid Butt
  • Salman Saeed
  • Sadaf Kanwal
  • Lubna Aslam
  • Yashma Gill
  • Manzar Sehbai 
  • Fareeha Raza
  • Pehlaaj Hassan

And more

Alif’s story is about an adventure of a fractious moviemaker and also an actress who was struggling against hardships. This story also describes the problems that they have faced in the past.

The drama “Alif” also is one of the most popular drama among Ahsan Khan dramas list because of its interesting story. The story also highlights the main point that how both faced all those difficulties in the past with patience and how they overcome all these problems in believing the reality of the word “Alif”.

Alif also explains the connection of a human with his God. This drama was aired on Geo Tv Network on 5 October 2019 in Pakistan at 8:00 Pm PST /20 GMT every Saturday.

“Shuja Haider” was the composer of this serial and the song “Alif Bas” by “Shuja Haider & Momina Mustehsan” was its opening theme.




Director:   Haissam Hussain

Writer:   Samira Fazal 

Producer:   Momina Duraid


  • Ahsan Khan
  • Samina Pirzada
  • Daniyal Raheel
  • Qavi Khan
  • Saba Qamar
  • Mehreen Raheel
  • Fawad Jalal 
  • Khayyam Sarhadi
  • Saba Hameed
  • Anita Fatima Camphor 
  • Babrik Shah
  • Sanam Baloch 
  • Humaira Abbasi 
  • Naeem Tahir
  • Fawad Khan 

And more

“Dastaan” One of the best drama due to its informative story in Ahsan Khan dramas list. Dastaan is an Urdu word it’s English is “The Tale”. This drama name was taken from the novel “Bano” which is written by “Razia Butt”.

The story of the drama focused on the independence of our beloved country Pakistan and also on the division of the Indian Subcontinent which took place between 1947 and 1956.

The drama also explains a girl’s story named Bano(a girl from a close-knit Muslim’s family) was lived in Ludhiana. In the pre-1947 era, Ludhiana city was undivided Punjab at that time. In this story, there is also described the hardships of characters Bano and Hassan that they faced due to 1947.

Dastaan drama became the most popular among Pakistan’s Media due to its kind. This serial broadcasted on the channel HUM TV and also was a highly rated drama serial among all serials of Pakistan.



Writer:   Moomal Shunaid

Director:   Asim Ali

Producer:   Momina Duraid


  • Ayesha Sana
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Osama Muhammad Khalid
  • Mikaal Zulfiqar
  • Hassan Ahmad
  • Mahjabeen
  • Juggan Kazim
  • Faiq Khan
  • Shamim Hilaly
  • Sarwat Gillani 
  • Khayyam Sarhadi

And more

Saiqa, a love story that was based on a lot of turns and their manipulations. This was the story across the two loving generations and also like shot at the locations of Murree and Nathiagali.

The serial theme accommodates the girl Naaji (a village girl) and a man Tahir(an over-aged) who falls in love with Naaji and wants to marry her. The man Tahir was already engaged with Fauzia. And his family also was against that act that he should be married with Naaji but he doesn’t care anyone and did so. Because of Fauzia, she doesn’t want to marry Tahir so she attempts to suicide and died.

This serial is well known due to its story in the Ahsan Khan dramas list. When Tahir listened to the sad news of Naaji death he also died. They had a daughter named Saiqa and she grew up in her father’s family manor where she found hateful surroundings and where everyone insulted her at every step and wanted to get rid of that girl and her mother.

Like other persons, Rehan also hated Saiqa because of the family but later he realized that he loves her. Saiqa’s cousin (Sumaira) loved with Rehan and was about to marry him but when she comes to know that Rehan loved with Saiqa then she was hated more with Saiqa. Thus, the story becomes more interesting in the end.


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