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Belmorris Hotel & Resorts: An Icon of Hospitality In The Heart of Multan City

The city of Multan holds considerable historical significance. It is one of the oldest cities in history, going back to almost 5,000 years. The history of Multan city so rich that it enjoys the status of being sister cities to Rome and Konya, which also are popular tourist destinations and ancient cities like Multan. This city has a rich cultural heritage and many archeological sites that is why Multan is also called the City of Saints. With over 4,000 archeological sites and shrines, Multan is a gold mine for any tourist who looks forward to exploring ancient civilizations’ culture and heritage.

Multan City has the potential to become the best tourist spot in the country and all over the world as well, just like its sister city Rome. Multan has so much to offer to its visitors, but the only problem is that it’s not developed and promoted properly as a tourist destination. The only edge to cities like Rome, Agra, and Rajasthan is that they have proper tourist spots, hotels, and resorts. These ancient cities play the majority party in the tourism industry of their respective countries. So, seeing this current prospect, Belmorris Hotels and Resorts have decided to change the stakes by opening the first four-star boutique residency hotel in Multan City.

Unmatched Hospitality Experience

There was a huge gap in the hotel industry of Multan. When talking about a premium living lifestyle in Multan, hardly one or two places came to mind. This created a sort of monopoly of the big brands in Multan’s hospitality industry, plus tourists and visitors were restricted to only these options when coming to the city. Belmorris Hotels and Resorts took this step to break this monopoly of big names and launched premium hospitality services that were unheard of before, not only in Multan but the whole South Punjab region. With executive rooms, unparalleled room service, utmost focus on hygiene and cleanliness, and an exotic cuisine made with a blend of traditional and continental food, Belmorris Hotels and Resorts is changing the game.

A Dining Experience Like Never Before

Apart from Belmorris Hotels and Resorts’ hospitality services, they are also revolutionizing the local consumers’ fine dining experience. Just like hospitality services, there was a large vacuum in the fine dining spots for the locals and visitors alike. This change came in the form of Ingredients by Belmorris, which is the restaurant’s name operated under the umbrella of Belmorris. Through “Ingredients,” Belmorris has introduced Mexican, Italian, and Pan Asian cuisine plus also inducting the best food from our traditional cuisine as well. In terms of taste, quality, and options, there is no current match of Ingredients by Belmorris.


In The Heart of The City

The most common problem with big hotels and resorts is that they are quite far from the city’s central hub and tourists’ landscapes. However, this is not the case with Belmorris as it is located in the heart of Multan City, which gives them an extra edge as all the archeological sites, shrines, and corporate offices are very close. Plus, the added advantage of a huge parking space acts as icing on the cake. The locality of Belmorris sets it apart from all its competitors with a spectacular view of the city that is to die for.