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200+ Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Different Event and Occasions



We ladies love to show off attractive mehndi designs on different events like Eids, weddings and other social functions. Whether it’s stunning bridal mehndi design or casual mehndi designs, they grab the attention of most people.

We women always wait for Eids to wear traditional mehndi designs. And when its over, we look forward to weddings and it goes on.

If something like this is on its way, you must be looking for a beautiful mehndi design. And guess what, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve compiled a list of beautiful and stunning mehndi designs that you can draw.

Mehndi is one thing that every woman enjoy on events very well. Its very easy and you can apply by your own choice. It gives traditional looks specially in pakistan and as well as all Asian Countries. Mehndi designs have different kind of styles like Arabic, Moroccan, hanging style and Bangle style. With this every women have been fascinating with different style choice. Women not only apply it on their hands but also their feets, back and shoulders. Various styles choose from internet.

Henna is an art and it doesn’t to come everyone. So if you want to make these styles, go to an expert.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are so in and they mostly follow a pattern of floral and flowy. Some other most common designs are Paisley and Swirls and Swirls. They have more spaces using the negative space technique and let you see hands through. The bold and intricate design combination complement each other and looks beautiful. The mehndi is usually designed in patches, however, there is a flow in the pattern. Arabic mehndi looks uniquely beautiful and ensure that without covering the full hand, you can still decorate your hands and feet with mehndi. Here, we’ve some pictures of Arabic mehndi designs if you want to try them out.

This design is look like a simple but you can not put this design at home. You need to go to mehndi designer. It has a big flower on back palm and some patterns put on a finger. Small flower and other pattern on a fingers and thumb.

This design is use for weddings and bridal use it mostly. If you want to use arabic design for your wedding then it is the most popular design and you need an expert for this complicated design. Jali and flowers on palm and three finger have a jali and a lil gap. One finger has a rectangular design. Some small flowers on half arm and some fill with mehndi.

It is a beautiful arabic mehndi design and simple as well. Jali design on one finger, flower and bale design on rest of the fingers. Bale and small flower with line design on back of the palm. It is very simple. No need to required any expert for this beautiful design.

Indian Mehndi Design

The fun fact is the Indian mehndi designs are the opposite of Arabic mehndi designs. Because they are more packed, thicker, bold, delicate and intricate covering the whole area. In simple words, they are heavier and seem like a detailed artwork, especially for brides. The patterns and motifs merge into another to form a beautiful design and peacock design is their specialty. Indian mehndi artists have also introduced drawing pictures of prince and princess on hands.
No need to say, it takes a lot of practice to perfectly draw Indian mehndi design.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani mehndi designs are little more than Arabic mehndi designs but little less than Indian mehndi designs. In simple words, Pakistani mehndi designs fall in between Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. Just like Arabic mehndi, they are flowy with a lot of filling covering more area. The most common design include floral, leafy, dotted, intricate with some filling. Beetle leaves and mango leaves with net patterns are also very common.

Hand Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs for hands are most common and probably every girl of the subcontinent design her hands with mehndi on different events.

Finger Mehndi Design

Some girls and women love to apply mehndi only on their finger leaving the remaining hand empty and has become a trend over the past few years.

Palm Mehndi Designs

This is the opposite of finger mehndi design in which only palm is decorated with mehndi. Here are some images to get inspiration.

Feet Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is not limited to hands and arms only. It can be applied on feet too. But, this is mostly done at weddings and other traditional events, not in everyday life.

Leg Mehndi Designs

If you want to go extra, then these are leg mehndi designs for you. And they are normally an addition to the feet mehndi designs.

Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid can’t be celebrated without mehndi. Eid mehndi designs are a little heavier than casual but not as much as bridal mehndi designs. Have a look at some beautiful designs to draw on when it’s eid tomorrow.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is the name of celebration and what’s more celebrating than a wedding? Bridal mehndi designs are more fuller and filled and mehndi is applied on hands, arms, feet and even legs.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Those who love mehndi but want simple, clean and minimal mehndi on their hands and feet. Here are some simple mehndi designs that are not only easy to apply but also look beautiful. You can also put these simple mehndi designs at home. You don’t have to be an expert for these designs. Most girls design these simple mehndi on eid or on a relative’s wedding.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Here we have some beautiful designs you need to see.

Easy Mehndi Designs

Are you a beginner in designing mehndi on your special occasions? We have some easy designs for you below:

New Mehndi Designs

Here is the collection of new mehndi design that mostly used in South Asia. Girls can use these new mehndi style on any events like wedding, mehndi functions or any musical night. In this gallery, you can find the more choices for bridal. These new design is very popular in 2020.

Which girl does not want to look beautiful on her wedding day? Every girl wants that she looks beautiful on her wedding day, mehndi is a part of this beauty. Many brides apply henna on their hands and feet, Some just apply on their hands. Here we have shown both new mehndi designs for you.

Kashees Mehndi Designs

Kashees is a leading fashion designer in fashion industry. Here we have some of his best mehndi design collection for you.

Criss Cross Mehndi Designs

Criss Cross is a trending technique in mehndi designs. You can collect some of the best criss cross mehndi designs from here.

Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Do you know what suits you with the jewelry you are wearing tonight? You can get an idea from the pictures given here.

Tiki Mehndi Designs

Small designs has their own beauty in it. See the tiki designs given below:

Kids Mehndi Designs

When it comes to mehndi, kids don’t stay back and they are more excited to see colored mehndi on their hands. However, mehndi designs for kids are simple and light.

Black Mehndi Design

Black mehndi is also in trend and it looks stunning when combined with red henna. They give a beautiful contract together.

White Mehndi Designs

After the conventional mehndi color, white mehndi has got a craze over the recent years. It’s widely used in western countries as a substitute.

Red Mehndi Designs

Red mehndi design is very popular in the sub-continent region. You can draw any design that you like, the only difference is, it will leave a red color to the area which stands outs and looks stunning.

Moroccan Mehndi style

It comes from middle East and it has geometrical nature. It consist of small and big style of squared, rectangular and triangular that merge together. This design can apply on hands, shoulders, legs, neck and back.

Bangle Mehndi design

This design is becoming very popular in these days. It’s a type of style that apply around your wrist and it gives beautiful look to your hands. To give sparkly look you can add colorful stones around it.

Lace gloves Mehndi style

It is unique and modern style mehndi design which you can apply on your wrist and hand’s back. It gives a look like gloves around your hand and wrist. This kind of henna gives best look to bride. The length of design is according to you hand size and pattern.

Minimalist Mehndi Pattern

Its very easy design and i think everyone can do this. Because we mostly apply this style on children’s hand because they found of henna too that’s why there is specific style which we can use on their tiny hands. Some how it can be apply on women hands too like a ring or bangles.

Back Mehndi design

Mehndi is now no more specific for hands and feet. If you want more adventure you could get more on your back and a part of your body where you want. It can be apply in a very modern and epic style around your neck back or backless top, kurta and blouse. You can get an idea according to your wearing clothes.

Hanging Starts Mehndi Style

It is love and unique mehndi style. Its very easy to design on your hands also its gives very cute look. By this your hands and feet look very attractive. Its like one motifs also gives very traditional look. Mostly its half hand style with elegant finish.

Traditional Mehndi style

This style is ever green style and can be very beautifully apply on your hands and feet. Mostly women like this because its very simple and easy to made in a very less time. Now a day’s bridals are using this style. It can be apply by henna and red color too. On this design you can also apply stones around lines and on gaps.
Mostly it filled and style on your fingers tip rounds and your front back palm.

which mehndi design is your favorite? Let’s know us in the underneath comment.


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Who doesn’t love having control over their hair and show different styles with the perfect look, whether it’s a family function, wedding ceremony, a cultural event, or a religious celebration? The way you style your hair plays a vital role in your overall look. Among women’s beauty arsenal, a hairdryer is an essential tool.

Whether it’s winter or you’re getting late from an event, a hairdryer is a perfect on-the-hand solution to your wet, curly, and wavy hair. It dries and stylizes your hair just in a few minutes, and above all, they’re super easy to operate, but you might need some DIY skills to get the perfect look for your hair.

Furthermore, you can have your perfect blow-dry at the comfort of your home, and most importantly, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money at the pricey hair parlors. Hairdryers with some advance features give an expert, professional look to your hair.

But, here’s one thing that you must consider – not every hairdryer would suit your hair nor your budget. Hairdryers are made using different technologies, but they all have one core purpose – drying your hair.

Different brands keep on introducing new hairdryers with the latest technology quite often that are available at different prices – from pocket friendly to a bit expensive.

But if you’re unaware of the hairdryer price in Pakistan that you most likely are, you may get cheated by greedy shop owners for overcharging you than the actual cost.

So, for not being trapped, you need to do a bit of research to find the best hair dryer that not only gives you the perfect blow-dry every time but also is pocket friendly for you. Comparing hairdryer prices in Pakistan online will also save you from hopping from store to store, and making you tired and wasting time. Looking at what hairdryers are available in Pakistan at what price would help you make a decision that is friendly both to your hair and pocket.

For this, we’ve done a bit of research and collected some data on the hairdryer price in Pakistan. If you’re only interested in prices, see our list on hairdryer price in Pakistan, but if you’re intrigued in what’re the different types of hairdryers, and some precautions about how to use a hairdryer safely, scroll down to the bottom.

Types of Hair Dryers

Hairdryers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. So, you can opt for one that suits you best. Workaholic women who are always in a hurry can manage their hanging wet hair with power dry hairdryer as it makes hair dry just in few minutes. Compact hairdryers, iconic hairdryers, and Mozer hairdryers are among the basic hairdryers.

Moreover, if you travel a lot, whether it’s a business trip or with your family, a foldable hairdryer would suit best. They can easily fit into your suitcase without taking so much space and can assist you in your classic hairstyling demands. They are convenient, portable, and energy-efficient.

How to use

There is no rocket science to use a hairdryer, though; there are some precaution measurements that you should follow. You should keep the hairdryer at a minimum distance of 15 cm. Moreover, hair shouldn’t be exposed to a high temperature nor for too long. And, the air should circulate and not remain concentrated on one spot.

Last but not least, don’t use a hairdryer on your wholly wet hair right immediately after wash; instead, give your hair some time to dry a little bit and don’t overdry your hair, let them retain some moisture.

So, it’s time to get rid of your dull, boring, and frizzy hair and give your hair a makeover.

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